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The New England Patriots are coming off yet another Super Bowl win, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still have doubters. Count Hall of Fame cornerback and current NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders among the skeptics.

During a recent appearance on the Rich Eisen show, Sanders declared “I think their run is over.” He’s not alone, as many analysts have looked at New England’s current crop of skill position players and predicted a steep decline.

The franchise made a huge deal out of perceiving themselves as underdogs last year. During their playoff run, Tom Brady made it a point to repeatedly highlight how some in the media had counted them out. As such, you can expect the Patriots to use comments like Sanders’ as even more fuel for their fire in 2019.

People who actually want the Patriots to fall off should probably lay low at this point, since the only thing that can motivate a team that’s had this much success at this point is skepticism of their ability. Observers have been predicting the Patriots’ demise for years now, and it still hasn’t happened.

That being said, there is a legitimate point to be made about the Patriots’ roster heading into 2019. The Patriots lost a ton of talent this offseason, including Rob Gronkowski, Trent Brown, and Trey Flowers, and didn’t do a ton to replace it. As of right now, Austin Seferian-Jenkins profiles as the top tight end, while the team doesn’t have much at receiver beyond Julian Edelman.

Bill Belichick always finds a way to figure it out though, and it would be foolish to discount them this early. The cupboards do look a bit bare right now, but Belichick has never had trouble replenishing them in the past.

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