Giorgio Tavecchio Jersey

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has said this season is important to him and that if things do not go according to the way he believes they should, that jobs will be lost and new blood will be brought in to get the Falcons franchise to where he believes that they should be – Super Bowl champs.

It’s safe to say that there will be a lot of people working under a microscope in 2019; from the front office to the coaching staff and down to the players.

We all know players like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Deion Jones are safe. Those three guys set the standard for the rest of the roster to follow. However, which player is under the largest microscope? Most of you will reply with “Vic Beasley” and I get it, he is under a big microscope for sure this year with a lot of pressure, but I will argue that there is another player under a larger one.
I do not think we realize how much pressure a kicker like Matt Bryant took of the offenses shoulders. Matt Ryan and company knew that if they could at least get to the opponents 35-yard line that they had at least three points should the offense sputter.

I understand that Giorgio Tavecchio had a lot of early success in the three games he played in 2018 while Matt Bryant was out with an injury. However, his 2017 season in Oakland was not as good to him. According to Pro-Football reference, Tavecchio was only 11 for 16 on kicks attempted beyond 29 yards, which is only 68 percent. He has to do better than that to not make the Falcons front office look ridiculous for releasing Matt Bryant.
When we talk pressure in 2019 for the Atlanta Falcons, there is plenty to go around – Thomas Dimitroff, Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Vic Beasley, Keanu Neal, Grady Jarrett, Jake Matthews but Giorgio Tavecchio just may have the most pressure as the cleats he has to fill are large ones.

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